Sexual offences in Queensland cover a wide range of criminal conduct including; exposing yourself in public, inappropriate touching of someone without their consent, sexual intercourse without consent, sharing sexually motivated photos online, sexting and having or distributing child pornography.

Sexual offences are treated seriously under Queensland law and could receive a maximum penalty term of up to life imprisonment. If accused of a sexual offence, your first step is to acquire the services of an experienced criminal lawyer to take on your case.

Sexual Offences and Penalties

Rape is the act of penetration to the victim without their consent. The maximum penalty for rape in Queensland is life imprisonment. Sexual offences classed as indecent assault carry a penalty of 10 years but may sustain extra penalties if aggravation is identified in the assault.

The maximum penalties for procuring children for pornography, distributing child pornography and producing child pornography are up to 10 years in prison. Possessing child pornography could get you a sentence of up to 5 years.

Gathering of Evidence in Sex offence Cases

After a complaint of sexual assault has been filed, the police will begin gathering evidence. The behavior of the victim will be gauged and monitored throughout the case and the non-filing of a complaint at the first opportunity will not be considered as consent. This will be a matter considered by the jury in weighing up the credibility of the victim.

Corroboration of evidence will be obtained, although not required to uphold claims in court. Having evidence to back up any claims obviously will build up a stronger case for both parties. Police will often use evidence gathering techniques that may exploit the accused person’s relationship with a loved one. This is why it’s imperative you get a top criminal lawyer experienced in sexual offence cases to guide you through the process.

Get Yourself the Best Legal Representation

Being accused of a sexual offence can be a life changing moment in time. To limit the damage to your life and of your loved ones, it’s imperative you get the best legal representation you can as fast as possible.

Emerson Criminal Law specialists can help guide you through the process and advise you on all aspects of the case. They will; provide you with a range of outcomes and avenues, help you prepare for trial, represent you in court, attend the police station or watch house to assist you and attend any of your loved ones that have been incarcerated to provide them with advice on proceedings.

If you’ve been accused of a sexual offence and need legal representation, contact Emerson Criminal Law on 07 3211 4920 to plan your next steps.