With drug laws being severe in Queensland, you can expect to be on the way to the Supreme Court if you’re caught with 2 pure grams of ecstasy or more. If it’s proven you intended to supply that drug to someone else for financial gain, this can result in a jail term of up to 25 years. Even if the police did not observe any actual sales or transactions of the drug, they will investigate other circumstances around the allegation to prove the alleged intended to make a profit.

Penalties vary depending on the type and amount of drugs involved. Schedule 1 drugs including; amphetamines, cocaine, LSD and ecstasy carry greater penalties that schedule 2 drugs which include; cannabis, morphine and barbiturates. Getting caught with intent to supply heroin could give a maximum penalty of 25 years, whereas intent to supply cannabis has a maximum prison term of 20 years.

Types of Drug Offences

It’s not just big time drug dealers that can find themselves with a drug charge. Even possessing a small amount or having drug paraphilia in your house or vehicle could land you in trouble.

  • Possession of illegal drugs. This could even mean if it’s in the same house where you live. Police may charge you with possession even if it doesn’t belong to you.
  • Supplying illegal drugs. This distributing, offering, selling or transporting any illegal drugs.
  • Trafficking illegal drugs. The supply of large amount of drugs as part of an illegal operation.
  • Cultivating or producing illegal drugs. Growing, preparing, manufacturing, packaging and production of drugs in a lab or your own property.
  • Publish or possess a recipe for a dangerous drug.
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia.
  • Permitting your property to be used for a drug offence.
  • Drug driving.

Variables to be Investigated in a Drugs Charge

There are many avenues the police will investigate to support a drugs charge. They may look at your bank records or any large amounts of cash in your home that cannot be proven to be your wages. In this situation, you’ll need an experienced criminal defence lawyer to help you argue your response.

A situation may arise that drugs are found in your home or car and they’re not yours. The police will charge you for the possession unless you can prove otherwise. Your lawyer will need to investigate previous circumstances, as to what led up to the drugs being with you and put together a case to fight your defence.

With every drugs case being different and penalties being severe, you need the best criminal lawyer to fight your case. Give the team at Emerson Criminal Law a call on 07 3211 4920 to discuss your personal drugs charge case.