About Emerson Criminal Law

As one of Brisbane’s leading boutique legal practices, our vision at Emerson Criminal Law is to become one of the premier criminal law service providers for those accused at law or those being investigated for potential charges. We are empathetic to the seriousness of all criminal matters.

We are a Legal Aid Queensland preferred supplier for general criminal law matters and are compassionate and sensible in our approach to your legal matter.

Our aim is to create and uphold a culture where the client may be assured of comprehensive and correct advice in relation to their rights, entitlements and potential consequences under the complex legal framework that forms the criminal justice system.

Our Mission – Integrity. Compassion. Resolution

Integrity in outcome

Our team has over 70 years of combined experience amongst us and with this powerful knowledge and experience base, one thing is abundantly clear – integrity is everything.

Criminal Law is a distinct and complex area of law that has the capacity to have a significant impact on your life, the lives of your family and people’s attitude towards the community and society as a whole. We practice in a “special” and ever-changing jurisdiction, which attracts certain social, moral and ethical responsibilities.

As a firm, we are not in the business of exploiting our client’s heightened emotions to our own advantage; rather, we are dedicated to assisting our clients and their families to traverse the murky waters of the criminal law jurisdiction and provide a clear and unambiguous approach to resolving your matter to provide you and/or your family members with certainty and to achieve the best possible outcome.

Compassion in approach

At Emerson Criminal Law, we recognise that as criminal lawyers we cannot remove the human element from what we do.

All our solicitors have been retained on the basis that they have the necessary insight and sensitivity to help you and your family navigate through the complex web of legislation and practice rules that compound the criminal law jurisdiction, so that you and your family can start moving on with your life and look to the future.

We believe in providing timely and valuable advice to ensure that our clients do everything in their power to help their own situations. We understand that our clients must be treated with compassion and empathy due to the upheaval they are experiencing when they come to us.

Following the initial consultation, we determine which solicitor will be most suited to the client and their specific needs.

Resolution in sight

As a firm, we have been known for our collaborative approach as well as our track record in obtaining the best possible results and outcomes for clients. Our solicitors are experienced in dealing with and resolving criminal law matters both at trial or at a sentence/plea of guilty.

As stated previously, we adopt a real world approach and provide our clients with reasonable and sensible outcomes to their matters. Not only is this achieved by maintaining a compassionate and empathic approach but also by bringing reality to the situation to help our clients.

The Judge/ Presiding Magistrate will ultimately be the “decided” of criminal law matters, but we assist in providing our client’s with the tools necessary to mitigate their sentence and to achieve them the best possible outcome.